02/02/12 — Join the fun: Scouts want to see 25 tons of cans -- let's help them do it

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Join the fun: Scouts want to see 25 tons of cans -- let's help them do it

This Saturday, you will find a bag on your door from your local Scout troop.

It is the first step of a project designed to bring in as many food items as possible for the needy across the region.

Local Scouts are hoping to assemble 25 tons of food -- in part to help people, and in part just to see what 25 tons of food looks like.

And that is where we come in.

That bag on your door is for you to fill with food -- if you can or as much as you can -- and to leave on your porch next Saturday.

A Scout from across the area will stop by to pick it up.

The News-Argus has already donated 50 cans of food to get the party started. Now it is up to you and anyone else you can get to donate -- to help these young men realize their goal.

This project comes at a particularly important time. Around the holidays, many people think of donating food. After the festivities are over, they go on with their lives, but there are still families who need help.

The local Scouts are doing a very good deed.

So, get your cans or other perishable items together and support your Scouts.

And admit it. Aren't you a little bit curious if we can get to 25 tons -- and what that would look like?

Published in Editorials on February 2, 2012 10:34 AM