02/06/12 — Culture shock: Longing for the good old days

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Culture shock: Longing for the good old days

No one really wants to say anything about the incredible lack of couth that seems to be seeping into the entertainment industry these days.

If you do, then you are not "cool" or "hip" -- and you certainly aren't true to your own generation's defiance of the cultural norms put in place by your parents.

But somehow, this seems different.

Just take a look at the lyrics of some of today's "music" and pay attention to the content of television, movies and video games.

What happened to keeping a little bit of innocence intact -- and to demanding a little more decorum from those who sell music videos and who write hit songs?

Does Nicki Minaj really need to be so vile? And what about the musical group LMFAO? Really? That's the state we are reduced to?

Perhaps the problem is that there is nothing left to shock today's youths with anymore. They hear profanity like it is nothing and see sex and violence on a regular basis. It means nothing to them. Maybe over-the-top garbage is the only way to get them interested.

If so, how sad.

Maybe it is time to tone it down, to put a few standards back in place, to remind entertainers that you don't need to be disgusting to sell albums or to make a statement.

Just ask Joni Mitchell.

Published in Editorials on February 6, 2012 10:38 AM