02/24/12 — Sex tape 101: And now for some sage advice

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Sex tape 101: And now for some sage advice

We have been talking about some serious things over the last couple of weeks -- our community and nation's futures, loss, the economy.

Now, it is time for a little diversion -- and some well-placed advice.

For all of you politicians and starlets out there who might be thinking about making a sex tape -- don't. It simply does not end well. And as we have witnessed in the case of John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter -- it can cost you a boatload of legal fees.

And they are not alone, either. There are plenty of other examples in the world of athletics and entertainment of sex tapes gone wrong.

There is just no earthly reason to put anything on video these days -- and a slip with a soon-to-be-ex could make you the lead story in the tabloids for months and the subject of some pretty harsh criticism.

So, consider another avenue to make the news. So far, the other way has only worked for Kim Kardashian.

Published in Editorials on February 24, 2012 10:53 AM