03/05/12 — Good sign? More people declaring candidacies an indicator of unrest

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Good sign? More people declaring candidacies an indicator of unrest

The news in any other year that there are more people signed up to run for office in the state of North Carolina would be interesting, but not anything to write headlines about.

And the fact that there is a massive contested and protracted presidential primary battle is not really all that unusual either, although this one seems to be breaking records.

But what the increased interest in the political process -- and the number of people who are not really being all that silent this year -- means is that voters, citizens and taxpayers are tired, unsure and unwilling to blindly trust their futures to those who have the word "politician" before or after their names.

The fact is, some of them think they could do better -- even though they might never have thought of seeking political office.

The same is happening here locally -- although not as overtly. There are a few more names on the ballot this time around -- even if some of the longtime officeholders will not face challenges.

And that says something good about this community and this country.

Sure, the ranks of hopefuls across the state and country include their share of crackpots.

But seeing more people throw their hats into the ring is a good sign, a healthy indicator.

It suggests that citizens care, and that is the first step in changing the future.

Published in Editorials on March 5, 2012 12:14 PM