03/14/12 — Scout solution: Maybe there is a way to get country on the right track

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Scout solution: Maybe there is a way to get country on the right track

You have heard the stories -- men and women who are successful, productive members of society who credit their success now to principles they learned while they were Scouts.

You have read the good news about the good works of the many young men and women who earn Scouting's top honors, and who are inspirational in their dedication to community service and setting goals and achieving them.

And you have heard those who say that the spirit of the United States is sliding a bit and that fewer and fewer people seem to have the work ethic, the character and the honor of generations past.

Perhaps there is a solution right under our noses that does not involve politics, bickering in Congress or some snooty Hollywood hypocrite telling us all how we should behave.

Maybe we just need more Scouts.

Truth is, communities are not built just by the adults who run them. They are kept in trust for the generations who are coming next -- and influenced in part by the contributions and attitudes these young people feel are important.

So, if perhaps we could get more children involved in Scouting, especially those whose course in life has not been so easy, perhaps we would have a better foundation in place.

The world could use a few more people who think of others first, consider their word their bond and who are more than willing to be a mentor to a young person coming behind them.

We need more leaders, more doers and more people who have values and priorities.

Scouting might just be the first place to look.

Published in Editorials on March 14, 2012 10:52 AM