03/22/12 — Listening: Leaders have sharply tuned ears at election time

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Listening: Leaders have sharply tuned ears at election time

There is still time to make a difference in the priorities of your state and community -- and maybe even in Washington.

Many of us think that what we say does not matter, that officials will do what they want, no matter what they hear from their community.

We are certain that some people in Raleigh do not even know we exist and that Washington seems so far away, especially when it comes to getting someone to listen.

But, in recent weeks and months, the tide seems to be changing. People are speaking out and making a difference in how their legislators, community leaders and others respond to their lists of priorities.

So, don't despair. If there is something you want to see happen in your community, or if you are tired of watching decisions being made at the state or national levels that affect your life negatively, speak up. Now is definitely the time.

It is a funny thing about politicians. They claim they listen all the time and that constituents' concerns are their top priorities. But it seems that their ears are especially attuned to comments from back home around election time. And lucky for us, it is election time -- those magical few months when you might even get a response if you send a letter or make a call.

And don't think that is just true locally either.

Just pay attention to some of the discussions coming from Raleigh and Washington and you will see that there are plenty of people who want to hear what voters have to say.

So share your ideas now. Who knows, you might just get something done.

Published in Editorials on March 22, 2012 10:56 AM