04/29/12 — Just one ... Every day, someone proves it really just takes someone to care.

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Just one ... Every day, someone proves it really just takes someone to care.

You have heard it before -- one person really can make a difference.

And this weekend, we are going to prove it to you, again.

We have shown you before, a million times over the years as Wayne County residents have joined forces in small ways to make a big impact on their community.

And many of you are involved in the projects that do everything from support cancer research to take care of the needy at Christmastime.

But this weekend, it happened again -- more proof of how even a small gesture makes a big difference.

The Brogden Primary lemonade fundraiser might not have brought in the same amount of money that the county's annual Relay for Life raises each year, but who knows whether one of those dollars will be the one that helps doctors find the cure.

And the best part was, these little ones knew what they were doing it for and why it mattered.

Inspiring, isn't it?

Little projects like this abound every year as the county prepares for its annual Relay for Life event -- churches, schools, families and other groups raise money in small ways to have a big impact on the futures of those battling cancer.

They do it for those who are gone, for those who are still fighting and for those will find out this year that they have a battle to wage.

And every dime, every dollar is as important as the big checks from the large donors every year.

The Brogden children will give their money to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation -- a pediatric cancer research effort that was started by one little girl with the big dream of finding a cure for cancer as she waged her own battle against the dread disease.

She was an inspiration. And so, too, are the Brogden children.

What a fitting way to remind everyone that one of the country's most successful community efforts to battle cancer is only a few weeks away.

Published in Editorials on April 29, 2012 12:02 AM