05/03/12 — Bravo Jack: Thank goodness SOMEONE is watching city dollars

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Bravo Jack: Thank goodness SOMEONE is watching city dollars

No need to belabor the point, but gee, perhaps there really is an easy solution to the city's seeming inability to come up with ideas to spend money that don't make the taxpayers' heads hurt.

All we need to do is make Wayne County Commissioner Jack Best the city's conservator.

You know what that is, right? Pop singer Britney Spears had one to make sure she spent her money properly and did not blow it all on $2 million shoes.

Why couldn't we get one for the city so that taxpayers don't have to watch their money squandered on projects that seem dubious at best?

Are you starting to see the possibilities?

Best rejected a proposal for the planned GATEWAY transfer station because he felt it was too opulent, suggesting instead that it be scaled back and the money invested much more conservatively.

He said the current proposal was for a Taj Mahal when an office building would do.

That's the first bit of good old-fashioned horse sense that we have heard in a long time as it relates to city planning.

It was so pretty that it could make a beleaguered taxpayer actually trust in representative government again. Well, almost, anyway.

So after he is done making the transfer station option work, perhaps Best would consider a part-time gig keeping his eye on the city's budget.

The only bad thing is, when he finds out how much there is to watch, he might not come cheap.

Published in Editorials on May 3, 2012 10:54 AM