05/10/12 — Remembered: Annual ceremony honors those who serve their communities

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Remembered: Annual ceremony honors those who serve their communities

They don't need a ceremony to affirm just how dangerous their career field is.

They don't need to hear taps to remember the comrades who fell in the line of duty.

They carry those men and women in their hearts always.

But for the local law enforcement officers who converged on Wayne Community College Wednesday morning, participating in the annual Wayne County Law Enforcement Memorial Service was still significant.

It was a chance to honor the legacies of those whose stories have become part of local lore.

And it was an opportunity to thank the loved ones of those lost far too soon.

But most importantly, that simple ceremony was, in a way, symbolic of their vow to continue the work that has cost so many their lives -- to ensure those who fell did not die in vain.

Communities often take those who respond to those sirens and emergency calls for granted. We do not always realize the sacrifices in family time and the risks they take when they put on a uniform to protect us.

So while we might appreciate what they do when it directly affects our own families, we do not always remember just how lucky we are to have them there.

This week's ceremony was our chance to acknowledge their service -- and to remember those who lost their lives doing it.

They are, after all, our heroes, too.

Published in Editorials on May 10, 2012 10:50 AM