05/21/12 — New vision: Arts Council's plan well worth community's support

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New vision: Arts Council's plan well worth community's support

When the money gets tight, one of the first places communities look to cut is support for the arts. The theory is that the arts are a luxury, not a necessity like road repairs.

And that is a shame.

This summer, the Arts Council of Wayne County will be reinstating a tradition that used to be a real attention-grabber for families all over the area.

Sunday in the Park was a chance for families to get together, to enjoy a stress-free and fun afternoon while exploring the arts.

The first of these gatherings was held on May 6. The second will be held June 3.

It will be an opportunity for local families not only to see what local artists have to offer, but also to experience local produce as well as an array of activities designed to increase interest in the arts.

And it will be a creative breath of fresh air for the community.

The arts are important because of the depth they offer our lives -- and the new perspective they give.

Encouraging not only local artists, but also nurturing budding future creators, is as important to the future of this community as making plans for economic development.

The Wayne County arts community offers everything from performances to displays of creative works of art.

Take the time to explore them. It will be worth your while.

Published in Editorials on May 21, 2012 10:40 AM