05/23/12 — It means jobs: Taking care of those who build the businesses is critical

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It means jobs: Taking care of those who build the businesses is critical

You will be hearing a lot about capitalism in the next few months as the presidential campaign begins to heat up across the country.

Some will try to make you see businesses as demons, while others will point out the contributions investments like these make in the future of this nation.

And there is a bit of truth to both characterizations.

Just as there are those who cheat the welfare and Medicare/Medicaid systems and others who fight for causes merely to increase their own bank accounts and personal profiles, there are businesses that do not operate ethically.

That has been the case for generations, and it will continue to be the case.

But when you look at the vast majority of those who produce products or services and who meet payrolls, they are the creators of the very jobs and revenue that keep this country going.

Many of them started from nothing, with only a dream and limited financing. They have built their businesses into healthy, profit-producing enterprises, often with no safety net and working long hours to make their vision a reality.

And the vast majority of these owners take care of their workers -- especially the small businesses that produce a good bit of the new jobs created every year.

Creating an environment where those who would take the risk to take on a new venture feel like they can take that chance is critical -- not just for the economy's health now, but for this country's future.

It is part of the American DNA to work hard and to dream big.

As we listen to the candidates this time around, we need to make sure we pick one who understands that.

Published in Editorials on May 23, 2012 10:47 AM