06/08/12 — Perfect: Trey Millard's achievement well worth noting

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Perfect: Trey Millard's achievement well worth noting

There are not too many parents who can say they have the perfect teenager -- or students who can add the superlative "perfect" to their resumes.

But the Millard family can, and their son, Trey, will, because of a rather momentous achievement for which he was recognized this week.

Let's face it, getting up and going to school, even if there are times you do not have to, is no small feat.

So, to be able to claim that you were at every class, every day for 12 years of school is a really significant achievement.

Trey's award acknowledges more than simply not hitting the alarm three times.

It was a commitment to responsibility and to doing something special. It took a great deal of discipline -- and parental support, we suspect.

And that deserves more than a passing glance. Trey set a fine example -- and set a record to replicate.

Published in Editorials on June 8, 2012 11:04 AM