06/25/12 — The truth: There is no excuse for not offering up records

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The truth: There is no excuse for not offering up records

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder needs to come clean.

And so does his boss.

There might not be anything to the discussion that Operation Fast and Furious was arranged and condoned by the current attorney general. And it is also possible that the current president knew nothing about it.

But the bottom line is, a border patrol agent died from a bullet that came from one of these guns -- and many more could have.

Somebody needs to release the documents explaining the operation -- and to explain some seeming inconsistencies in statements made about the unfortunate decision.

And Congress has a right to ask.

The claim of executive privilege is a surprise from the Obama Administration. After all, they are from the same party that almost had a conniption fit over an incident involving Vice President Dick Cheney and an alleged leak about a CIA agent. Remember the calls for answers and the "shock and dismay" that there was not more information released faster? And remember the promises of an "open" Obama Administration?

My how times have changed.

There are too many questions about Holder and his decisions and actions. It is time for a change -- and a real inquiry. There are just some concerns that need to be addressed.

But in the meantime, Congress should continue to ask for more information -- and to demand that the White House and its officers respond.

Published in Editorials on June 25, 2012 11:19 AM