07/03/12 — Patriotic salute: On nation's birthday, time to remember the tenets of freedom

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Patriotic salute: On nation's birthday, time to remember the tenets of freedom

There could not be a better day to talk about liberty than tomorrow -- and no more appropriate time to remember why it is a principle and a right to be zealously guarded.

Most of us will spend the day with our families, enjoying a hot dog or hamburger as we prepare for the impending fireworks and other celebrations on July Fourth.

And when we see the first bursts of color in the sky, we might get a tear or two in our eyes as we listen to the anthems that after more than 230 years still touch our souls as Americans.

It is hard not to remember on this holiday that generations of Americans have fought first to win and then again later to safeguard the freedoms written down on a couple of pieces of parchment so many years ago.

It was a brave and bold move to create a new vision for a country that could set its own destiny and where its citizens could be the decision-makers.

The American model is still the best model, no matter what some people might say to the contrary. This country has been a beacon for liberty and personal freedom around the world.

And at this time, when so many seem to have forgotten the principles upon which this nation was founded, July Fourth is a time to think back to our roots and why preserving the founding fathers' vision is so important.

So wave a flag tomorrow and enjoy the fireworks, but also remember that this nation's future rests as much in your hands as it did in those of the original men who gathered to create a nation.

We are at a turning point, and it is time to decide again to stand up for freedom and individual liberty -- and to remember the costs that go along with preserving both.

It is that important.

Happy Fourth of July.

Published in Editorials on July 3, 2012 11:11 AM