07/19/12 — Disability: Statistics are out -- more got disability than jobs

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Disability: Statistics are out -- more got disability than jobs

If there was ever evidence that perhaps the current plan for entitlements might not be best catalyst for an economic recovery, it is the recent news that more American have signed up for disability in the last three months than have found jobs.

Scary huh?

Why should that concern you?

Well, consider this rephrasing of the announcement: More Americans have signed up for the disability benefits you pay taxes to support than have joined the ranks of working Americans footing the bill for Social Security.

See what we mean?

You are paying these bills. More government bureaucracy is not free.

The calls for increases in programs, money for government-funded improvement projects and the general consensus by some that expanding the federal government might be the way to spur economic improvement have not stopped. And what is really scary is that some people believe that this is really the way to go.

But what they do not factor in is that a healthy economy cannot exist on government job growth and more "free" money. It has not worked yet, and it will not work in the future.

To have a growing economy, we need jobs, period -- and a healthy environment in which businesses can start and grow.

If there is no one to pay taxes, there will be no one to support government programs -- and then you get Greece.

The recent jobs news is proof positive that perhaps, that might not be the best choice.

Published in Editorials on July 19, 2012 11:07 AM