08/17/12 — Sad day: Panel needs to iron out UNC class debacle

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Sad day: Panel needs to iron out UNC class debacle

Anyone who thinks there is not a major in every university that is a haven for pampered and academically unmotivated athletes is fooling him or herself.

But it is sad to know that there was a whole program at the University of North Carolina.

The scandal involving the African and Afro-American Studies Department has been more than a little surprising coming from a university of UNC's caliber -- and more than a little embarrassing for alumni and college personnel.

It is nice to see the university has decided to get busy looking at ways to make sure there is never such a problem again.

And while this might be common behavior in college athletic programs across the country, it is time to stop pretending it does not exist and to address the issue head-on.

If we don't care if college athletes actually earn degrees they can use, just pay them.

But if we do, we had better prepare to get tougher, to demand more and not to stand for academic dishonesty.

That is the right thing to do.

Published in Editorials on August 17, 2012 10:31 AM