08/29/12 — GOP gets hits: First speeches were winners

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GOP gets hits: First speeches were winners

Truth is, you never really know a presidential candidate -- or a party -- until you hear what the nominee and the party's membership have to say.

And Tuesday night, Republicans took a strong first step toward telling potential supporters who they are and what they stand for.

Contrary to what some people would have us believe, there is no monolith that is the Republican Party, just as there is no one-minded Democratic Party either. There are policies differences whenever a group of people get together.

But in their convention debut, the Republicans found not only common ground and a common goal, but a way to reach out to those who have a different dream for America and who might be looking for a new home.

Ann Romney did a wonderful job of reminding voters that her husband, nominee Mitt Romney, started out with struggles and a dream. And she made sure those who watched Tuesday knew that his goal was not fame, but the chance to make a difference in the future of the country he loves.

And that was what voters needed to know as they begin their comparisons between the incumbent and the challenger.

Chris Christie talked about bigger issues and topped the parade of new Republicans who have set a list of expectations for their states and have made them work -- in spite of the naysayers.

He led the charge into a new battle, a renewal of an old set of priorities for a stronger, more vibrant and more focused and principled America. And he reaffirmed what most of us already know -- that this country was built on the backs of men and women of all backgrounds, and it has been left in trust to the next generation to keep it safe and healthy.

Is this all the Republicans needed to say to nail down a victory?

No, there is still much more to hear, starting with the speeches from the nominee and his vice presidential pick.

But this was a good start, a strong message, and a call to arms for those who are wondering what the country's next step should be.

It will be up to the Democrats to answer.

Published in Editorials on August 29, 2012 10:51 AM