09/05/12 — Good men: Perhaps the message should be no more potshots

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Good men: Perhaps the message should be no more potshots

The speeches by both candidates' wives point to a factor that is often forgotten as each election season ramps up every four years.

There are people behind those boxes on the ballot.

Both first lady Michelle Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, spoke of their personal knowledge of the candidates -- the long hours they spend, the reasons they decided to run for office and whom they are as people.

And when both speeches were over, we had a sense that perhaps there were good things about both, that they are good fathers, husbands and people who believe in what they are doing.

And while there is still a need to vet Romney and to review the record of President Barack Obama, it is worth taking the time to note that elections should not be about character assassination. That is not productive and it keeps good people -- none of whom are perfect -- out of the race.

Elections should be about a vision and a plan and making a decision based on the candidate's position that makes the most sense to you.

So let's concede: Both Romney and Obama have their own positives and personal achievements that make them good men.

Now we have to decide which is the one who will lead us forward with the right vision and the right plan to get there.

That is a much higher standard to prove.

Published in Editorials on September 5, 2012 10:35 AM