09/12/12 — Shock, no awe: Incidents in Egypt and Libya sign there is real trouble

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Shock, no awe: Incidents in Egypt and Libya sign there is real trouble

Yes, the first words out of President Barack Obama's mouth Tuesday should have been a condemnation of the cowards who stormed two embassies and killed four Americans -- not a nod to the upset radical protesters.

It says something less than flattering about foreign policy in the Obama Administration.

But leave that argument for another time. It is not the important one now. Right now, all that should matter is the words "four Americans died."

The storming of the embassies in the Middle East should remind us that the battle is not over -- and that radical forces still wield tremendous influence in many parts of the region.

It should also teach us that apologies and placations as well as mea culpas mean little in a land where Americans are demonized and the weapon of choice is terror on innocents.

It should also show us that the methods we are using might not be the most effective as we continue our campaign of peace and light across the region, trying to convince radical Islamists that we are not their enemies.

Looks like that plan is failing miserably.

There have been strides made in the Middle East and there are truly people who want to work with the U.S. to create peace and understanding. But there have not been enough.

Tuesday's events are proof positive of that.

As we move forward, we must remember that fighting an enemy with so little regard for human life requires strength and resolve.

Now is the time for more of that and less capitulation.

Published in Editorials on September 12, 2012 12:17 PM