09/13/12 — Stand tall: U.S. has to have firm response to passage of events

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Stand tall: U.S. has to have firm response to passage of events

It is nothing short of horrifying that protesters are storming embassies across the Middle East.

And it is absolutely the right response to send reinforcements to make sure those who serve in embassies and at other U.S. installations around the region are protected.

But there is something even more critical that must be done if the message is going to get through to the leaders of the nations in which these atrocities are occurring.

Arab leaders have to understand that the United States means business.

That means no more Mr. Nice Guy.

It is time to send a shot across their bows that this kind of lawlessness will not be tolerated -- and that U.S. civilians and military personnel will be defended.

And it is time for us to recognize those who truly fit the term "ally" and those who are merely mouthing the words.

The United States needs a strong, firm and determined response to this latest crisis. It cannot include equivocation of any kind.

This is a great and caring nation -- one that has stood proud and strong for generations.

But it is time to remind the world we have a bit of a temper, too.

Published in Editorials on September 13, 2012 10:44 AM