09/20/12 — Do something: Pastor takes much-needed first step in community

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Do something: Pastor takes much-needed first step in community

Pastor Terry Jones is trying to motivate his community to do something more than just talk about the toll violence and drugs are taking on their city's neighborhoods.

He is gathering churchgoers and community members together this Saturday to march first and then act later to bring values, support -- and God -- back into Goldsboro's inner city and family homes.

And he is calling on his neighbors to get involved, to help him and other volunteers in their quest to reach the children before they are lost to drugs and gangs.

He is reminding those who support this community's strong local churches that just talking about the problem is not enough.

The idea came from a similar effort he heard about in another community, but Jones says he wants to make people understand that this is not just a one-time march, but a beginning -- a chance to gather as a city to take a stand, and to start the work to get something done.

Bravo Pastor Jones. You are exactly right. All the police in the world will not stop crime -- and no lectures in the middle of the afternoon will either.

To make a change in the futures of the community's struggling families and children, there has to be a plan and a group of people willing to be part of the solution.

This is a good first step -- and one that deserves support from all those who complain about the "state of the city."

And all the politicians and others who show up Saturday should be prepared to get to work Monday.

That's the way to make Pastor Jones' vision come true and to truly make a change.

Published in Editorials on September 20, 2012 10:54 AM