09/26/12 — A gentleman: Lloyd Massey dedicated his life to helping farmers

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A gentleman: Lloyd Massey dedicated his life to helping farmers

He was a southern gentleman, a gentleman farmer.

If you have ever met Lloyd Massey, you know that he was passionate about the Grange organization -- and the farmers and neighbors it represented.

Mr. Massey understood that those who work the land were not only the best kind of people -- but also the backbone of his state, community and country.

And he was determined to share that vision with anyone who would listen.

Mr. Massey was a member of the Grange for more than 75 years -- longer than many of us have been alive -- and he was dedicated to supporting not only its efforts, but the families of those who were a part of it.

He wanted them to be proud of what they were doing -- and to share the message that "homegrown" was a label to be proud of.

Agriculture is still a big part of Wayne County's economic makeup, but farm families are dwindling. Mr. Massey understood that, but kept pushing those who lived in his community to become a part of the history, fellowship and support that the Grange represented.

And he hoped, that along the way, he just might remind a few people -- farmers and non-farm families -- of not only the importance of those who work the land, but the key role agriculture played in this county's history.

Mr. Massey died this week at age 96 after living a long life that was distinguished by his dedication to a way of life that he championed for more than seven decades.

He would be happy to know that we are about to celebrate agriculture again at this year's county fair. He knew what that meant.

So in his honor, we should remember to stop by the exhibits to learn a little bit.

Mr. Massey would want it that way.

Published in Editorials on September 26, 2012 12:33 PM