10/04/12 — One down: Two more debates to watch

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One down: Two more debates to watch

Well, we have made it through the first of three debates between the men who want to be president of your United States.

And while there was obviously a clear winner in the first one, truth is, there is still more time to weigh and to eye the qualifications and proposals from both of the candidates.

For some, the choice is made. The debate only cemented what they already knew. Their votes have been "cast" if you will.

But for those who have not yet decided, or who are wondering if perhaps they should reconsider the candidate they might otherwise have dismissed, there is plenty of time.

Listen to the next two debates. Don't fall for the ads or the opinions from an often less-than-fair analyst pool.

Decide based on what you hear and read -- and keep your standards high. Don't fall for elegant words or spin. This vote is too critical.

Listen for values that echo your own and proposals you feel will move this country forward.

The debates are important -- as is the continuing commentary from both men about what they would do in the Oval Office.

You have a right to answers and to get a feel for what to expect from whomever you decide to put in the White House.

Gather the information, then get out and vote.

It is a right that we all should cherish and exercise.

Published in Editorials on October 4, 2012 11:01 AM