10/10/12 — The real story: Teen's tragic story a reminder of what's at stake

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The real story: Teen's tragic story a reminder of what's at stake

It made many of the national newscasts Tuesday, but you might have missed it if you turned your attention away for even a minute.

The anchors told the story of a little girl, 14, who was recovering in a hospital after being shot in the neck and head by the Taliban in Pakistan.

What made her story different was that she was not an innocent victim caught in the crossfire. She was targeted -- and was aware of how much danger she was in.

What was her crime? She wanted to go to school and was not shy about telling the world she deserved an education.

A simple request, really, but that was enough for the Taliban to consider her a threat. So, they silenced her. Doctors say she might survive, but she likely will not speak again.

There are many reasons not to abandon the fight in the Middle East. Not the least of which is the future security of this nation.

This is just another example of the ruthlessness of this group that some politicians believe will respond to negotiations.

This is a misconception we must abandon.

But there is another side, too -- decency.

How sad that a child would have to fight for the chance to go to school and be brave enough to speak about it, only to suffer at the hands of thugs and murderers.

It is time to face facts about this group of extremists and what it will really take to protect the people who are under their grip.

We should remember this little girl's story as we decide what our next step should be.

Published in Editorials on October 10, 2012 10:48 AM