10/26/12 — Last vote: Veteran sets example for others

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Last vote: Veteran sets example for others

It was a small story. In fact, if you were not looking, you might have missed it.

It was not a political story, either, although it involved an election.

This week, a World War II veteran showed, again, why so many admire those who made freedom ring across the pond.

Frank Tanabe, 93, of Hawaii, made the news after he insisted on casting his vote while he was on his deathbed, losing his battle with cancer.

He succeeded. And this week, he died.

There are many morals here -- not the least of which is that this man never forgot the value of the freedoms he fought so hard for so many years ago. And, of course, that so many people take those rights for granted and so many others cheapen them.

Mr. Tanabe set an example for the rest of us who worry that we might be too busy or too distracted to pay attention to and to vote in the presidential election.

His knew just how much his vote mattered and he cast his last one because of that responsibility and also as a memorial to those who fought so hard to make sure he could.

And, in the process, he taught the rest of us a lesson.

Published in Editorials on October 26, 2012 10:35 AM