10/31/12 — Just in case: Stories from New Jersey should remind N.C. of lessons learned

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Just in case: Stories from New Jersey should remind N.C. of lessons learned

Is a state ever really prepared to handle the brunt of a hurricane, especially one with the horrible aftermath of Hurricane Sandy?

In past years, North Carolina has been touted as a state with not only a plan that works, but residents who understand what it means to deal with such a violent and dangerous storm.

Good for us. It is a reason to be proud.

But the scenes from New Jersey and the rest of the East Coast should remind us all first and foremost how lucky we are that the storm headed farther north before it made landfall, and second, how important it is to make sure we remain ready.

Reviewing hurricane procedures now, while we do not face immediate peril, is a smart thing to do. It allows officials to think about how policies should be altered and to make sure residents and local leaders know just what to do if we should face such a risk here.

And we should remember, just as we always do, just how unpredictable a storm can be and that we need to never second guess those who have the latest information at their disposal.

There are thousands of New Jersey residents who now wish they had listened more closely.

Hurricane Sandy offers lots of opportunities for lessons -- and a prompt to get our own house in order.

So as we offer our prayers and support for those recovering from Sandy, now is a good time to look things over -- just in case.

Published in Editorials on October 31, 2012 10:43 AM