11/01/12 — Good news: High number of voters sign of democracy at work

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Good news: High number of voters sign of democracy at work

It shouldn't take a presidential race to get people to the polling places. But the reality is, it does.

So the news that nearly half of the county's registered voters have already cast their ballots in this year's election is good -- and bad.

It is good because it shows that more than a few people are taking their responsibility to choose their leaders seriously.

They are making sure their vote counts, enduring long lines to mark their ballots.

It is bad because there are still so many who are not registered to cast their ballots and who will decide they are too busy to cast their vote on Election Day.

Voting is a right every American should cherish and safeguard. It is our chance every year to have a say in our government and, in turn, our futures. Far too many people choose not to bother -- either thinking their vote does not matter or simply not caring enough to cast it in the first place.

And that is a shame, especially at a time when so many people are fighting for that right around the world.

The early voting numbers are encouraging -- they show many local residents are serious about having their say this year.

But it should not be a once-every-four-years phenomenon. All elections are important.

There is still time to mark your ballot early -- and the polls will be open on Election Day.

Don't miss your chance.

Published in Editorials on November 1, 2012 10:51 AM