11/02/12 — The choice: Pat McCrory will lead state to new position of strength

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The choice: Pat McCrory will lead state to new position of strength

This might be the most obvious "no-brainer" in this year's election.

And, we are in a unique position at the News-Argus to make that statement.

In this year's gubernatorial race, you have almost the exact same race you had four years ago -- Republican Pat McCrory taking on a remnant of a former administration. Last time it was Beverly Perdue, who was part of Mike Easley's front office, and this year it is Walter Dalton, who served as Perdue's lieutenant governor.

Only, this time, the decision is a whole lot clearer.

Four years ago, we listened to both candidates and decided that Perdue represented the best hope for the advancement of eastern North Carolina. She seemed to understand the region's needs and promised to be responsive to making sure they were represented in Raleigh.

We wondered about her connection to the scandal-filled Easley administration, but decided to advise taking a chance.

Fast forward four years and we are being asked again to support a lieutenant governor of what can only be called a poorly handled administration.

This time the answer is clear.

We really cannot afford four more years. It is time for a change.

Perhaps Perdue's heart was in the right place. Maybe the job was just too much. At any rate, she seemed unable to deliver the support and decision-making necessary to position this state for growth.

Now is the time to move forward with new ideas and leadership with an eye for economic development and a future for North Carolina that will bring investment and possibilities for its citizenry.

And that means the only vote that makes sense is for Republican Pat McCrory.

Forget the partisan moniker for the moment -- North Carolina needs jobs and a solid foundation to deal with the challenging economic times. We need to talk about education and government services with an eye to support, efficiency and results. We cannot afford to just throw money at the problem, not anymore.

McCrory has proven he can run a business and a city. He has pledged that government spending will be managed and that growth will come with responsible budgets and tax policies that encourage investment. He wants to help those who need it and to regulate those who abuse the system. He wants a stronger North Carolina -- and is willing to put that goal as Job No. 1.

Of course we are worried about his commitment to eastern North Carolina -- as we always are when anyone with big city leanings runs for a state job.

But we feel that McCrory is the best chance to build a stronger state, which, in turn, will be beneficial to all of North Carolina. We will be watching to make sure this region has a voice and a seat at the table when it comes to setting the state's course. And we will expect our legislative leaders to make sure that our region's needs -- beginning with support for our military installations and their personnel -- are front and center as that work begins.

Last time, we advised taking a chance. We supported Perdue and her plan for North Carolina.

This time we say the right vote for North Carolina is with a man who has proven skills and a vision that will position this state for greatness.

That man is Pat McCrory.

Published in Editorials on November 2, 2012 10:42 AM