11/03/12 — For the future: Mitt Romney will lead this nation with American dream in mind

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For the future: Mitt Romney will lead this nation with American dream in mind

It's not about slogans. It is not even about hope and change.

What matters in this year's presidential race are facts.

The problem with a campaign that is based on history-making and emotion is that when the "hero" is hit with the blaring reality of what it actually takes to govern, he often finds himself ill-prepared, over his head, and, perhaps, even though he might have had the best of intentions, unable to fulfill the promises he made when the crowds were cheering and the adoration was bountiful.

And that is what has happened here in the last four years.

The promises Barack Obama made when he ran for office four years ago were lofty, and some really would require more than a few years to complete. But the preponderance of his pronouncements -- more jobs, a better economy and a more united country -- should have been achieved, or at least major progress made toward those goals.

But that is not the case.

The problem with Obama's presidency is that it is based on a fundamental error -- an indictment of the very core of American values and a belief that there is need for a bedrock change in the way this nation conducts its affairs.

And he is dead wrong. History tells us so.

That does not mean that there are not problems to fix: health care, education and getting people back to work. Those are critical concerns as we move forward to choose our next leader.

But at our core, this is a nation that believes in government getting out of our way. We believe in independent achievement and the American dream. We want the chance to make it on our own, and to reward those who want to follow the same path -- and we want to leave a legacy or opportunity for our children and not a mountain of debt that clips their wings.

We are a proud nation of integrity and courage, and one that has been a leader in the world for generations. We got there not because of disrespect for other nations or through unchecked imperialism, but with an understanding that we have the right to demand respect for our way of life, and to protect ourselves from those who seek to harm it. And along the way, we have sacrificed our own to help those in other nations seeking the same sovereignty.

We do not feel we need to apologize to anyone.

So what should you do when you are standing in front of the ballot box on Tuesday?

Some of you already know and will not be dissuaded.

But for those who have not made their final decision -- a few words about why we think Republican Mitt Romney is the right choice for the next step.

Don't believe the baloney that you read. Romney got where he is because of hard work, sacrifice and business sense -- qualities he inherited from a father who had the same work ethic.

He has made money, saved companies and run a state and an Olympics -- all through the principles of responsible budgets and sound fiscal management.

He understands what it takes to create jobs and to fix a failing enterprise -- and that is what this country needs now -- not more government programs to help those who have lost jobs, but more jobs and opportunities to take them off the unemployment and welfare rolls.

He is for responsibility -- just as most Americans are. He wants to help those who need us, to pave the way for those who are struggling to find their own way and to make sure there is a safety net.

But he wants regular people to have the chance to make their lives what they want them to be without the interference and dependence that government programs create.

Put simply, he wants you to have the chance to become successful, too. And that is the sign of someone you can trust. And growing those jobs must be done the old-fashioned way -- and the way that has gotten us to this point -- free enterprise.

Don't believe the malarkey being postulated about his plans for health care, either. No one wants to see anyone who is facing a terminal illness or other catastrophic medical condition struggle to afford care or to lose insurance. He and his running mate Paul Ryan simply want a plan that we can manage responsibly and afford. That will include a component to take care of those who need extra help -- mostly by putting the clamp on those who abuse the system and by providing a health care system that works.

And while you are at it, talk to those in the medical field about Obamacare -- and see what they think about its viability and what it will do to the standard of care in the United States -- or simply ask someone in a country with socialized medicine who is still waiting for an MRI that was ordered six months ago.

This election is about the future. And truth is, the statement that "there is more work to do" and the pronouncement that "no one could have fixed this economy in four years" are nothing but platitudes for the election.

We should be seeing progress and we haven't.

We should not be hearing excuses and the blame game, and we are.

The bottom line is, it is time for a new vision and a new path. Mitt Romney represents just that sort of shift.

It is the time to make the change.

Published in Editorials on November 3, 2012 11:27 PM