11/28/12 — Rice reject -- Senators send a message: Something wrong with nominee

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Rice reject -- Senators send a message: Something wrong with nominee

When Sen. John McCain and some of his Republican colleagues agreed to see Secretary of State nominee Susan Rice "to hear her side of the story" in the Benghazi fiasco, an audible sign was heard across the land.

"Oh no," the whispers moaned. "Here we go again, losing their nerve when the going gets tough."

And then something happened on the way to yet another pointless meeting with a nominee who should not even be under consideration -- someone grew a backbone.

The reasons to be against Rice's nomination have nothing to do with her sex or skin color -- and anyone who suggests otherwise is nothing but a race baiter or a fool with an agenda.

The worse case scenario is she went before the American people with information that was handed to her and read it without checking it.

The worst case scenario is that she went before the citizens for whom she works and read off a bunch of garbage knowing it was false and not caring.

Either way, right now, in a world with so many potential powder kegs, that is the last type of leader we need in the office.

Is Rice a scapegoat? Yep. Very likely.

Does she know more than she is telling?

Sure would seem like it.

Otherwise, why would the president expend so much political capital to push her nomination?

After the meeting, McCain and others said they were even more convinced Rice is not the right pick, emphasizing that her answers were disturbing.

Perhaps this is a sign that the Republicans are going to do a little more than hang their heads and just get by over the next few years.


Published in Editorials on November 28, 2012 10:47 AM