11/30/12 — The dream: It is always better before drawing

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The dream: It is always better before drawing

A moment of silence, please, for all those who had to go to work this week because they did not win the mega Powerball prize.

There will continue to be questions about the legitimacy of the lottery as a means to raise money for education. But not this week.

Millions of Americans purchased a ticket or two not because they knew they would get a return on the $2 investment, but because there was the possibility of a life-changing dream come true.

Now, it is back to work to make that dream come true ourselves.

Of course, we know it is better this way, but, still, wouldn't it have been nice to have the problem of what to do with $500 million?

Organizers say millions were raised from the drawing to assist with education in North Carolina -- and more than a few people won a little bit of money. So, there is some good news.

Just not those six lucky numbers. Sigh.

Published in Editorials on November 30, 2012 10:44 AM