12/22/12 — Cliff No. 2: Even if fiscal cliff is avoided there is another little problem ...

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Cliff No. 2: Even if fiscal cliff is avoided there is another little problem ...

 We have been distracted this week with something sad, important and life-changing, so following the shenanigans in Washington has not been our top priority.

And that is as it should be.

However, there is something that must be said as the fiscal cliff looms and there is another round of "we can't reach an agreement" looming.

Even if the tax bill passes, even if the Republicans allow a tax increase on what Democrats see as the richest Americans, the crisis in our nation's capital will not be over.

Just as it was not over when all this talk of tax increases began.

The problem with this nation right now is that there are not enough people paying taxes because they do not have jobs -- and the ones who do have gainful employment are struggling to make ends meet.

But the even bigger iceberg headed our way -- and the one we really should be concerned about -- is that Washington does not seem to understand that when times are tough, that is when you have to STOP spending.

You understand that because you could not operate your family budget if you didn't.

Some states have understood it because they have watched their dollars and cents.

So, why does the Democratic leadership not see it? Simple. It's politics. It is easier to promise aid we can't pay for and to blame "the rich" for the problems we face rather than dealing with harsh, cold reality.

Pretending there is no spending problem in this country and letting people believe that a politically popular non-solution will take care of the future is nothing short of criminal.

And to pretend that you just now realized that this country is nearing a fiscal cliff when you have had bills on your desk to fix it since August is nothing but spin.

So we will watch and see what happens this week -- and hope that someone with some sense stands firm.

Our future depends on it.

Published in Editorials on December 22, 2012 11:04 PM