12/26/12 — Spirit of giving: Charitable donations help the community -- and yourself as well

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Spirit of giving: Charitable donations help the community -- and yourself as well

Granted, it is not the safest time of the year to be thinking of dropping just a few more dollars, especially since we have put our fiscal future in the hands of the Washington malfunction junction.

Who knows what Jan. 1 will bring.

But even with all that worry and the sudden realization that Christmas is over, there is still a little bit of time left to do something good and to get a little bit of tax benefit at the same time.

There is about a week left to make a charitable donation to deduct from your 2012 taxes.

And believe it or not, you do not have to give to a big national charity to make a difference and to get a deduction when tax time comes around.

There are plenty of local charities here that can give you a receipt for Uncle Sam and who will use your money to benefit local families right here.

If you are looking to help families struggling to stay afloat in this shaky economy, try the Community Soup Kitchen. If you are an animal lover who thinks that spaying and neutering is the key to making sure more animals find good and loving homes, donate to the Wayne County Humane Society.

Want to be there for your neighbors when there is a weather incident or an emergency? How about a few dollars for the Wayne County chapter of the American Red Cross.

And if you want to impact the lives of young children, to give a teen somewhere to go after school or to give an adult the chance to learn to read, try the Partnership for the Children, the Boys and Girls Club and Literacy Connections, respectively.

And if you would prefer to give your money to an organization that deals with many parts of the community -- and keeps close track to make sure the money is spent wisely and with a goal in mind, there is always the United Way, which needs some help to make it to its goal this year. Contrary to what many people believe, the United Way would love to have personal donations as well as those from corporate sponsors and workplace campaigns. Just send in your check to be a part of the United Wayne effort.

And you do not have to donate just cash either. Habitat for Humanity can take some of those items that are in good condition, but are just hanging around your house for its resale store. The proceeds from that store, as well as your donations, help build homes for families who would otherwise not have the chance to own one of their own.

So, swallow hard, get out that pen and checkbook and make a donation to help your community.

It will be your chance to keep some of your money away from the tax man -- and to do something good for someone else at the same time.

Not a bad bit of karma with which to kick off a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.

Published in Editorials on December 26, 2012 11:01 AM