01/04/13 — Perspectives: Governor-elect's cabinet picks interesting governing plan

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Perspectives: Governor-elect's cabinet picks interesting governing plan

Is it possible for Republicans and Democrats to really set aside their political differences and work together in the best interest of their state?

Well, we just might find out.

Gov.-elect Pat McCrory is populating his cabinet posts with people from all sides of the aisles -- even the unaffiliated center.

The idea, we hope, is to take the best ideas from all political leanings to build a better North Carolina.

These days, that almost seems like a unrealistic fantasy, but one can always hope.

One of the best parts of the elections this past time around is that so many states were able to choose the leadership they wanted.

And that is why so many states are boasting new leaders with new visions -- and a determination to lead their states with common sense and policies that work.

Looks like North Carolina might be one of them.

Of course, having people of different parties does not guarantee rational decisions. We will have to watch to see if McCrory's cabinet has the true blinder approach required to plan and lead without the reins of partisanship.

But if it does work -- and these leaders do the job -- North Carolina will be the better for it.

Published in Editorials on January 4, 2013 10:41 AM