01/08/13 — Sanity reigns: Council member's suggestion might be sign of good first step

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Sanity reigns: Council member's suggestion might be sign of good first step

Don't look now, but the architect of the first steps toward an Air Force museum in Goldsboro might have seen the light.

Council member Chuck Allen suggested at the city's meeting Monday that perhaps it might be time to put the former arts council building up for sale since the funding just did not seem to be there for a museum.

And, ladies and gentlemen, give him credit -- he is dead right. It took some guts to say what is on many people's minds anyway, and to admit perhaps the idea was ill-timed.

It's just too bad that the realization did not come before so much money was spent.

No one in this community is against a museum honoring Seymour Johnson Air Force Base or any of the men and women who have served there over the decades of its existence.

In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a community that is more dedicated to supporting its base and men and women who serve there.

If the idea for an Air Force museum could be funded reasonably -- and the economy were better -- there would be lines of people willing to support such an effort.

This is just the wrong time.

The shock of the costs that would be associated with the museum was just too much for many -- including many of the committee members and public officials who initially supported the effort. And it was the first step toward realizing now just was not the time for such a project.

There are many other priorities in the city right now that need attention.

This is a good idea -- just not now.

Published in Editorials on January 8, 2013 12:48 PM