01/15/13 — He's a cheat: Don't let your heart hurt too much for cycling's biggest villain

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He's a cheat: Don't let your heart hurt too much for cycling's biggest villain

So Lance Armstrong is finally admitting he took performance-enhancing drugs.

Yawn. Like we all did not know that.

He is likely the only person who believed that lie.

But what makes this confession particularly heinous -- and the reason it should not garner Armstrong any public favor -- is that he has lied, implicated others and embarrassed supporters for decades.

Bottom line: He's a cheat who has picked now for his big revelation for some personal gain, not because of any great sorrow or remorse. We will have to wait to see what that motivation really is. Many suspect he wants to compete again.

And that makes him even more of a slimeball than when he was calling everyone else a liar and destroying their careers while preaching his own piety.


Armstrong will get his 15 more minutes of fame. Actually, this one might last for a whole half hour.

But when it is over, he needs to go back into the shadows never to be heard from again.

He is no hero. He is no whistleblower. He is not a crusader looking to fix a problem by sharing his own inadequacies.

He is a cheat and a liar -- and nothing more.

Armstrong is a role model for no one -- even if he is a cancer survivor.

And speaking of that, it is sickening to think that he is in the company of people who are battling cancer and who fight with courage, honesty and heart every single day.

They deserve better.

Published in Editorials on January 15, 2013 10:14 AM