01/28/13 — Proud Eagles: Scouts have made a difference in their community

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Proud Eagles: Scouts have made a difference in their community

To see the nearly 50 young men stand there, the event looked like any other honor ceremony that happens across the county every few months.

But the 120 young men who were to be honored this weekend (some were not able to make it to the ceremony) are special not just because of the rarity of the achievement they were recognized for, but because of the service they have done for their communities.

Becoming an Eagle Scout is not easy -- especially as you enter the busy years of high school.

In addition to the grind of daily schoolwork and activities, Eagle Scout candidates must plan and execute a service project for their community.

And that is in addition to all the other requirements that get a young man to the level where he could hope to achieve Scouting's highest honor.

The young men who were named as recipients of that award this weekend should be proud of what they have achieved, not just because they checked off a life goal, but also because they join an elite fraternity of people who understand the value of making a difference.

And it should make this community even prouder that more and more of them are making that choice.

Published in Editorials on January 28, 2013 11:01 AM