02/05/13 — Think first: Health care realities need to be evaluated carefully

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Think first: Health care realities need to be evaluated carefully

It is not surprising that the newly elected Republican majority in the North Carolina Legislature is chomping at the bit to put any kind of kibosh on Obama care.

It certainly is no secret that there are more than a few people worried about the hidden costs, the hidden traps and the dangers of putting all North Carolina's eggs into the government's bureaucratic basket.

But as we continue to deal with the realities of the 2012 election, North Carolina officials have to face facts -- there is a new system coming and the state is going to have to deal with it, like it or not.

So the first order of business is not to rush -- as tempting as it might be -- into a decision that sounds good, but will end up being a real concern later.

When you jump into "yes" or "no," you end up with the problems we are facing now as a state -- just look at the consequences of taking Obama education money and the debt we are facing from looming jobless benefits deficit.

There are downsides to every decision -- and making sure you understand the consequences is a critical part of determining which way to turn.

So the questions about how to handle the new health care realities should continue.

But as state officials weigh the answers, it is critical they do what others before them did not: Take a hard look at what happens after the immediate relief fades and taxpayers are left with the aftermath.

Published in Editorials on February 5, 2013 10:42 AM