02/08/13 — Courageous: Students are examples for us all

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Courageous: Students are examples for us all

Did you wake up this morning complaining about the complicated and difficult start to your day and the hard work ahead?

Did you whine about something like spilled coffee or a driver who sat through a light rather than turning left?

Most of us do, every day.

But this week, six Wayne County Public Schools students taught us all a lesson about priorities, obstacles and the courage to overcome them.

Alaina Brooke Howell, Alexis Lewis, Zachary Folmar, Nikki Dixon, Jasmine Guercin and Nassem Anam were recognized by the Wayne County School Counselors Association for their scholastic effort, their good attitudes and their determination not to let their circumstances determine their altitude in life.

And they are all shining examples of what you can do with your life if you set your mind to it -- no matter what hand you are dealt.

These young people have bright futures ahead, not in spite of their obstacles, but, in part, because of them. They have all learned that they alone determine how the world sees them and the outcomes of their lives.

And we can expect big things from all of them.

So the lesson they teach is not that bad things can sometimes happen to good people.

They show us instead that with a little support, a lot of courage and a few friends along the way, anyone can pursue their dreams -- and thrive.

So the next time you find yourself wallowing in the "unfairness" of your life, think about these young people and pick yourself up and get back to changing your circumstances.

Their stories will show you the way.

Published in Editorials on February 8, 2013 10:47 AM