02/12/13 — Same old? Listen tonight for more than the same promises

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Same old? Listen tonight for more than the same promises

Let's tell the truth here. The shine is off when it comes to the second term promises of any sitting president.

In most cases, no matter who is sitting in the White House, by now we get that perhaps the State of the Union is not quite so rosy, and the promises of hope and change -- or whatever the buzz words happen to be -- are little more than pretty turns of phrase and that the reality is much more complicated.

So tonight's State of the Union address will be full of the same big ideas and frilly promises of change on the horizon -- and devoid of any clear cut plans to get there. Bet on it.

But we have to start facing some facts if we are really going to fix what ails us in this nation during President Barack Obama's second term.

We have to deal with deficits, dollars, the economy and jobs. We have to tackle tough issues like entitlement reform and immigration -- not with platitudes that do not address the challenges each issue provides, but with real solutions that do not add new worries to an already overburdened "to do" list.

Pundits say that presidents' second terms are about building a legacy.

And that is exactly what this president needs to think about as he sets his course.

We will see if this year's promises make the grade.

Published in Editorials on February 12, 2013 10:49 AM