02/21/13 — Work ready: Designation sends word to potential employers ... hire here

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Work ready: Designation sends word to potential employers ... hire here

On the surface, it might seem like just another state certificate.

But the reality is, the fact that Wayne County has been deemed the state's first WorkReady community is not just a testament to leadership, but a sign that someone in this county has been thinking ahead.

Under the leadership of Wayne Community College, the Chamber of Commerce and the Wayne Development Alliance and others -- many, many people who have devoted tireless hours in pursuit of this goal -- as well as others in the education community, including the local school district, Wayne County has positioned itself to send a message to potential employers.

"Build it and we can staff it."

That sort of vision took more than simply an idea at a board meeting. Partnerships led by County Manager Lee Smith as well as local business leaders, with the support of past county commissioners, created the multi-level cooperation necessary for the county to be able to not only say it has accomplished its goal, but that it was the first one to do so.

Bringing jobs to Wayne County takes more than lowering taxes and slimming budgets, it requires smart use of resources and fostering the kind of relationships that result in big ideas that get accomplished.

This is a significant step forward -- and right in line with the new governor's challenge to make North Carolina "ready to work."

The community should be proud of the designation and the hard work it took to get it.

Published in Editorials on February 21, 2013 10:42 AM