02/26/13 — The gander: Lawsuit over redistricting? It is just politics.

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The gander: Lawsuit over redistricting? It is just politics.

It sounds good, the Democrats' claim that the Republicans' redrawing of districts was some heinous act designed to deny votes to black North Carolinians.

And with that outrage comes the followup that all Democrats want is to stop the racism that is taking over the state's voting process.

It is hard not to laugh at that one.

What you are witnessing in Raleigh is simple. It's not altruism. It's politics.

Don't believe us? Look at it this way.

Why do you think the Democrats forced the district lines to be redrawn years ago when they took power?

Was it to make sure districts were fair and just? Nope.

It was to get more Democrats elected to office.

They made the decisions based on race -- hoping to have as the end result, control of the legislature.

So while the lawyers can whine all they want and call for an end to "racism in North Carolina," truth is, this is politics and sour grapes, plain and simple.

There will be much more debate on this issue as both sides present their cases to the court.

But there also needs to be some authenticity, too.

The Democrats need to learn that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

If there is going to be an end to redistricting, there needs to be an end, period. Not just when it doesn't suit the other party.

That is fairness without regard to race or any other factor.

Published in Editorials on February 26, 2013 10:48 AM