03/01/13 — Promise: Students should be proud of their achievements

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Promise: Students should be proud of their achievements

The 31 students who received Promise Awards this week from their respective schools should hold their heads high. They have really accomplished something.

It is one thing to be honored for your good grades, your athletic skills or even for receiving a good grade on a test. It is another to be recognized for always doing your best.

As you grow up and pursue your dreams, there will always be times when you are not the best student, the best looking, the best athlete, the best, period.

We all face that hurdle and it is not easy to overcome.

But what really defines a successful person is the ability to ignore those who say they can't accomplish their dreams and their own self-doubt and decide to work hard and do it anyway.

There are many successful people today whose stories began in the exact same way.

Keep up the good work and keep putting your best foot forward. It will pay off someday. We promise.

Published in Editorials on March 1, 2013 10:32 AM