03/04/13 — Faith's call: Church takes stand for city

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Faith's call: Church takes stand for city

It might seem like a small thing -- prayers from a loudspeaker into a community.

It is not a march. It is not a police stakeout.

And who knows if it will really deter crime.

But what The Place of Refuge Ministries is doing in Goldsboro is a start -- and a sign that this fight to take back over neighborhoods really begins in the hearts and minds of the people who live and worship there.

Hearing the call for more churches to get involved in not only stopping the violence, but also in supporting families in the community, this church decided to do something. Its members chose to get the message of faith out to those who needed to hear it and those who wanted to hear it.

And who knows what might happen.

What if they change one life, or make one neighbor feel less alone -- isn't that how real change begins?

The church has made this its mission, and it is a worthy one.

And it is an example for all of us who wonder just what we can do to stem the tide of violence in this community.

It starts with each of us doing something -- and it does not have to be fancy.

And we should thank The Place of Refuge Ministries and its pastor for showing us the way.

Published in Editorials on March 4, 2013 11:17 AM