03/11/13 — A true Scout: Dick Auger's efforts made Scouting possible here

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A true Scout: Dick Auger's efforts made Scouting possible here

It was a visionary thing to do when Dick Auger decided to champion Scouting in this region. Although the Boy Scouts of America was already popular around the country, promoting it here was more than a little bit of work.

But he and others did just that, setting the framework in place to create an organization that has shaped generations of young boys' lives.

And then, they created another legacy, Camp Tuscarora, which has hosted many a campout, a father-son weekend and Scouting event.

And in the process, they left an imprint on this community and many others that can never be erased -- and for which we cannot ever be grateful enough.

There are people every day who volunteer in this community. But there are only a very few who change its future.

That is exactly what Dick Auger -- and those he inspired to carry on his mission -- did.

It is something to say that you were a first-rate businessman or earned some fancy award.

It is quite another to say that your life changed thousands of others.

Dick Auger was everything a Scout is supposed to be -- and more. He helped inspire others to care about their community.

And that is a life well-lived.

Published in Editorials on March 11, 2013 1:11 PM