03/14/13 — What if ... Church's 'Just Because' effort example of living faith

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What if ... Church's 'Just Because' effort example of living faith

At The Bridge, it is not enough to simply sit in a pew and recite Scripture.

In this church -- and in many others, too, we suspect -- faith is about being there for your fellow man.

And in the light of the election of a new pope -- and one who is known for his humility and his devotion to the poor and downtrodden -- it is a chance for all of us to think about faith and what it means in our lives, even if we aren't Catholic.

So when a story comes along like the "Just Because" effort at The Bridge, it should make us think -- and feel good -- about those who serve every day in small ways and without fanfare.

As inspiring as the church's story was -- members are doing random acts of kindness around town -- it was even more heart-warming to hear some of the recipients' responses.

It is surprising how much of a difference a small act can make in someone else's life.

And it makes you think: What if everyone did one small thing every day to make someone else's life better?

To quote the famous song: "What a wonderful world it would be."

Published in Editorials on March 14, 2013 10:12 AM