03/15/13 — Here's a cut: Keep the tours; quit the golf

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Here's a cut: Keep the tours; quit the golf

In all the talk about the horrors of the sequester, one aspect of life in Washington does not seem to have changed.

No one told the president that he should think twice about going on his recent golf outing -- even though that took money from the same Secret Service funding pool that put an end to tours of the White House this spring break.

Truth is, there are probably more than a few places where a little belt-tightening might be in order for the White House.

And it is time to look a little more closely at the president's expenditures -- all of them -- as we consider not only these sequester cuts, but future budget needs.

Although it might seem like he is due the vacations and trips and campaign swings, the reality is, we pay for them -- and they are expensive.

Now, while the rest of the country is "biting the bullet," so, too, should the commander in chief.

So, when the time comes for the next vacation, perhaps the bill should be paid by someone other than the U.S. taxpayers.

Published in Editorials on March 15, 2013 10:48 AM