03/21/13 — Spring cleanup: Litter is still an issue in county

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Spring cleanup: Litter is still an issue in county

With the advance of springtime, most people's thoughts turn to cleaning up.

It is just the thought of new blooms and new possibilities, we suppose.

But as we begin to clean up our own yards and homes, perhaps it is time for a renewed look at what needs to be spruced up around us.

There are many places in the city and county where trash has been tossed along the roadside or in a field. Some people consider public areas their own personal garbage dumps. Even some local store parking lots could use a once-over.

Truth is, litter is becoming even more and more of a problem.

And, by the way, cigarette butts are litter, too.

This spring, perhaps there should be a renewed effort by local leaders and volunteers to clean up Wayne County and Goldsboro's trash spots -- and stiffer punishments for those caught dumping.

It would take a "community," but the results would be worth the effort.

Published in Editorials on March 21, 2013 10:33 AM