03/22/13 — Special thanks: Community, once again, stepped up

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Special thanks: Community, once again, stepped up

There are many other things many of you could have spent your money on this past week -- bills, food, gas.

But instead, you put a little bit toward something for the community -- you helped the Wayne County Animal Shelter in its quest to save 43 lives.

The dog food that was donated to the shelter will not only help those animals rescued earlier this month. There is enough to help other strays, too.

And that is because of all of you.

So, thank you -- we find we say that a lot in this town -- for stepping up when you were needed. We knew you would, but it always reminds us how special this county is when it happens again and again.

Because of you, what could have been a tragic story might very well be a fairy tale with a happy ending of dogs who will find forever homes.

Not a bad way to welcome in spring -- with a tale of hope and compassion.

Published in Editorials on March 22, 2013 1:55 PM