03/30/13 — A renewal: Easter, spring bring chance to change course, start anew

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A renewal: Easter, spring bring chance to change course, start anew

Today is a day for new beginnings, and the call to look for faith in a world that can sometimes seem like it has lost its way.

So as most of us gather in churches today to think about sacrifice and renewal, we should also think about the requirements that go along with being a Christian.

Sometimes, you have to fight.

You have to stand tall when others try to relegate your beliefs to second class.

You have to rise up when others deny your right to express your faith as they demand that right for others.

You have to stand for something, even if the rest of the world is content to stand for what is easiest or for nothing at all.

And you have to not be afraid to let others know that there is a better way and to teach your children the same message of faith and hope -- even as others try to undo what you have taught.

It is a challenge. It is a responsibility and it is often not easy.

In an age where political correctness seems to mean protection for everyone except those who are Christians, and at a time when some people seem to have forgotten the principles upon which this country was founded, you have to be the beacon, the light, the hope. You have to share faith and love and to dismantle the barriers that others want to put up between people and their church.

Today is a day for deciding that there is nothing that cannot be accomplished with faith. It is the time to speak up, to set a course for truth and compassion.

There will be many places where a message like this would not be appropriate or accepted today. Easter Sunday is just another day there.

It is up to men and women of faith to make sure that does not happen here.

Have a blessed Easter.

Published in Editorials on March 30, 2013 10:39 PM